The Bellingham Border Boys (3B) is a subgroup of the Emerald City Supporters based in the city of Bellingham. Our purpose, plain and simple, is to bring the passion and support of the ECS to the city of Bellingham. We will be gathering for viewing parties for all the matches (even home games if you’re not lucky enough to be attending) at our designated bar. We are always looking for new members who share our love of the Sounders and would love to grab a pint with you and watch the might Sounders play. Remember that you are an ECS member first and foremost and a Bellingham Border Boy second. We look forward to growing the Bellingham Border Boys and becoming a vocal force in the Brougham End.

Feel encouraged to become a full ECS member from the ECS webpage (www.weareecs.com) and join in the discussion on the forums. I would like to get as many of us apart of ECS as we can and for all of us to learn their songs and chants. This way we can spread the singing to other parts of the stadium and up here in Bellingham.

For away matches we will be gathering at:

The Copper Hog
1327 North State Street
Bellingham, WA 98225
(360) 927-7888

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